5 Tips to Choosing Promotional Products Customers Will Actually Use

promotional productsPromotional products are one of the most popular advertising/marketing boosters used by companies worldwide. Successful promotional product tactics can boost brand visibility and, ultimately, make your customers form a more favorable impression about your business.In some cases, however, this tactic can end up being a waste of time and money for a company.


The main reason behind this is the fact that customers don’t generally notice or use promotional products that they personally find useless and/or irrelevant. If someone doesn’t like something or it doesn’t help them, then they’re not going to be interested!


As experts in the field here at LogoZoom.com, we know how to use promotional items as a successful marketing method. With that said, below we look at five tips to picking the correct promotional products for your customers:


Define your main objective

Promotional product tactics are a component of the general marketing plan of your company, and thus, you need to set an objective to help you get started on the right foot. For example, you need to answer these questions:

- Are you just looking to boost your brand visibility?

- Are you looking to maintain brand royalty?

- Are you looking to attract new customers for your business?

- How are you going to measure the success of this tactic?


If you have determined clearly your objective, you are then ready to follow the subsequent steps.

Define your target audience

The target audience in this case are the customers that are going to receive your promotional products. Of course, you need to determine their individual characteristics because, as mentioned earlier, failure to do so will result in offering products that are of no use or inappropriate for your customers.

The type of customers, along with some general demographics like age, sex and socioeconomic status, will need to be considered first. Then you’ll need to determine whether that group of customers will be interested in using your intended promotional product/s. If you suspect that something isn’t quite appropriate for your target audience, reconsider your options. For example, you don’t want to offer a bottle opener to young women who are interested in fashion and pets!

Be original and creative

Another secondary reason why using promotional products may fail is because the merchandise isn’t original or creative enough. If you fail to catch the eye of the customer and simply offer something everybody else offers, your customer won’t be able to differentiate between your brand and other rival brands. Being monotonous and unoriginal is not a good quality for any business!

Focus on quality

Apart from the two reasons above, failing to offer good quality items will do more harm than good in promoting your brand. If you offer low quality products that look substandard or break almost immediately, this will reflect badly on your business. Ultimately, customers may associate that low quality as an inclination to how your company is as a whole.


Thankfully LogoZoom.com only focuses on top quality items, so we’ve got you covered on this point!


Make customers react

Establishing a “call of action” for your customers shouldn’t be overlooked, and is just as important as the other tips here. You need to feature your logo of course and – unless you are a recognizable company – your contact details such as website/e-mail address, social media details, telephone number etc. in order to initiate contact with your customers.