Custom Imprinted Non-Woven Grocery Totes

logo tote bagsWith the move to reusable grocery bags to be more eco-friendly, this is an excellent way to get your brand known not only to your customers but to everyone they come in contact with while shopping. Take advantage of this trend and even requirement in certain areas and advertise your business.

Many cities and urban areas have banned plastic shopping bags and even initiated a charge for the use of paper. This is leading more consumers to purchase reusable non-woven grocery totes. They are sturdy and durable and can be used multiple times.

What better way to advertise your business than to imprint your logo on these grocery and shopping bags? There are several benefits to including this idea in your marketing strategy.

Affordable Advertising

The cost for putting your brand on reusable shopping bags is very low. You would buy the type of bag you prefer and request your logo and information to be added. You can include contact information or just the company name and logo. It is a great way to for small businesses with a limited budget to get their name out to a wide audience.

Mass Advertising

When your name is imprinted on grocery bags, everyone that is shopping will have the opportunity to see it. Marketing is not limited just to the person that has the bag, but extends to anyone they see. Choose a bright or bold print to catch more attention, and your marketing could have mass appeal. Just make sure it is easy to read or recognize in a short period of time because you won’t have long to get your message across to people on the move.

A Responsible Company

By choosing an eco-friendly method of advertising, you are announcing that your company is environmentally conscious. This will appeal to many people and put your brand in a positive light. You will be associated with a good cause without having to announce it in words. By putting your name on these grocery bags, you are saying that you support eco-friendly initiatives and that you care about the environment. It helps your company stand out in a good way.

A Company That is Different

While many companies and organizations put their logos on t-shirts or pens, branding your company in a different way is essential. It catches more notice and also gives customers the idea that maybe you are different in other ways, too. It’s also a constant reminder of your organization every time they go shopping. This has an even bigger benefit if you are a retail store, but it can be an advantage to any business. Customers often have to see a message multiple times before it sticks in their mind and this is an effective way of accomplishing that task.

Give your company a positive image by using an eco-friendly way to advertise and get your message out there. Have your name imprinted on grocery bags to make more people aware of your brand.