Promotional Tech Items – Custom USB Drives and More

Union-Usb-Bracelet-Flash-Drive-35824The best promotional products are things people really need. Customers buy pens, but they lose them or give them away. Technology tools are products customers’ value. Customers really use and like technical promotional products. Effective promotional products draw attention to your business and contact information. Technical products, with your name and logo imprinted on them, show customers that you are successful enough to give them something which helps them get their work done.

Custom USB Drives

Your custom usb drives should be unique enough to distinguish your company from another. Bright orange or pastel blue flash drives stand out. Zip drives can be loaded with information or your customer’s favorite music, books or breed of dog. Personalized USB drives show your customers that you really care and value their business or participation. USB drives are under $5 each, and they hold 2 to 8 gigabytes of data. Custom usb drives, which hold up to 64 gigabytes of data, may be ordered.

Custom Earphones

Earphones in a pouch, embossed with your company logo and contact information, are inexpensive and useful. Customers away from their home and office may need to watch educational videos, listen to a broadcast message or read an electronic book. Earphones are indispensable to anyone who wants to listen to music, watch employment related webinars or watch movies streamed to television. Logo Ear phones are particularly useful if your products include videogames, movies or electronic books.

Custom Chargers

Customized cell phone chargers are useful, and people always need them. Customized cell phone charges with imprinted logo and business information make great promotional products, bonuses or prizes. A reusable power bank sufficient to charge a phone, tablet or lap top is a great gift. Logo tech promotional power banks contain a 2200 mAh battery, which charge with is charged through a USB cable. Power banks are 3.65 inches by 1 inch with a 2.75 inch imprint area. Each power bank is individually gift boxed with its power cord also inside the box.

Expanding Travel Speakers

Logo tech promotional products offers expanding mobile speakers which can be imprinted with a company name, logo and contact information. Expanding mobile speakers allow customers to listen to music, presentations or streamed movies while traveling. The compact speakers are individually gift wrapped and expand to 2 inches by 2 inches. They connect to your phone, tablet or music player with a 3.5mm jack. Charging cables come in the box with the speakers.

Automotive USB Chargers

Automotive oval USB car phone chargers plug into your 12v outlet to charge your cell phone. Car phone chargers have a large imprint area which can include a message. The charger outputs 2100 mAh of output through its dual USB ports. The charger can charge two devices at the same time.

A plastic Engery Bar Pro with an 8,400 mAh Li-Ion battery is able to charge iPads, Ereaders, tablets and smart phones. The Energy Bar Pro also charges two USB devices at the same time. It is 2.75 inches by 1.75 inches by 1.63 inches and individually gift boxed and comes with 8 different charging tips. The Energy Bar Pro takes 4.5 hours to charge and holds its charge for 900 hours per month.

Logo tech promotional products keep pace with technology to offer you the tools you need to advertise your business, new product or service or to keep your phone number available to customers. Logo tech offers technical products from inexpensive to expensive weather radios, AC to usb adapters and power packs. Logo tech has all the promotional products you need from advertising to your way to say thank you.