Promotional Sports Bottles

SAHARA-all-350x350Effective Public Relations Sometimes Promotes Advertising, Too


Today, most of us have attended public events in which sponsors encouraged charitable donations and won smiles by distributing attractive freebies. Everyone appreciates receiving a useful gift: fountain pens, T-shirts, key chains, golf balls and other items remain popular Promotional Products. Logo Sports Bottles offer one of the best choices for enhancing a company’s public image. Yet these popular giveaways also offer companies an opportunity to obtain free word of mouth advertising that will reap rewards for the firm far into the future…Supporting Altruistic Impulses Sparks Enthusiasm


Sponsors frequently win corporate goodwill by supporting local teams or service organizations at athletic events. The act of contributing towards a cause which benefits from a firm’s financial backing or volunteer labor makes everyone feel good. Managers and employees find their participation in this type of proceeding emotionally rewarding. Plus, supporting a worthy cause enhances office morale and generates enthusiasm.


Excellent Public Relations


All of these consequences ultimately return intangible benefits to the sponsoring firm. Assisting a charitable cause provides a significant public relations gesture on the part of participants. Yet some companies also obtain very real advertising advantages by taking the extra step of distributing gifts to those in attendance. Promotional Sports Bottlesmake outstanding tokens of appreciation to provide to anyone attending a sporting event:

  1. Sports Bottles help keep participants well hydrated;
  2. These functional items display company names and logos clearly;
  3. Most people will appreciate this gift;
  4. A recipient can retain this type of gift and re-use it for beverages repeatedly.

Favorable Word of Mouth Advertising

When people appreciate a present, they tend to mention this fact to others. Therefore, a really useful promotional item functions much like a company business card posted on an office bulletin board. Repeatedly, over the course of an extended period of time, it advertises the company name and logo.

An Example

A person who receives a durable, attractive promotional sports bottle, will generally employ this item again in the future. Whether the recipient carries the gift to work to use to drink soft drinks or water during coffee breaks, or whether the logo sports bottle remains handy during daily workouts on the track or gym, this very functional present will remind everyone who sees it of the sponsor. Friends, family members and even acquaintances of the recipient will notice the logo and develop a favorable association between the sponsor and the gift. If they ask about its origin, they’ll likely hear about the charitable event also.

Attractive Promotional Sports Bottles

Recently, enhancements in manufacturing technology have allowed the rapid production of very beautiful logo-bearing light weight promotional sports bottles. These durable items make an especially welcome gift during sporting events. Consider offering this type of gift at any number of high profile company events:

  1. Whenever your firm sponsors a sports team at an athletic event;
  2. To employees attending office picnics, or other outdoor gatherings;
  3. At charitable events, such as track meets, soccer matches, baseball games, tennis matches, bowling tournaments, marathons, hikes, race car events, or other competitive arenas;
  4. To remind employees and company business contacts of the importance of maintaining fitness and vitality.


Your name and company logo imprinted on a sports bottle will enhance your firm’s image. It may even advertise your business to complete strangers. When you want to impress people attending a public event, this promotional tool remains one of the most effective forms of advertising. Try it today!