Do Online Retailers Need Promotional Products?

Promotinal ProductsIf you are reading this, then you are probably wondering whether offering promotional products as an online retailer/business is a good idea or not.

Well the answer isn’t as simple as saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but, in most cases, incorporating promotional products in your marketing/promotion strategy can ultimately prove to be very useful. Below we look at the reasons why this is the case:

It can boost your brand visibility offline

If you have already managed to build your online presence, offering promotional products can effectively boost your company’s brand visibility in the offline realm. While your main target will be to establish your online visibility successfully, you certainly shouldn’t neglect or overlook the positive impact offline marketing can provide. Promotional items can certainly help in that regard.

It’s a form of ‘usable’ advertising

The main thing that differentiates a regular offline/online advertisement from a promotional product is that the latter offers a usable benefit to the users. If you spend your money on flyers, for example, the large majority of your customers will notice them for a couple of seconds…then toss them in the bin!


On the contrary, choosing to offer promotional items is more long-lasting and beneficial for your customers, and if they do reap a benefit from using your product, customers will appreciate it and form a positive impression about your company.


It’s relatively inexpensive and versatile

When compared to other marketing methods, using promotional merchandise can end up being a more inexpensive, resourceful option.


Typical promotional gifts – such as pens, mugs, bags etc. – can end up being really cheap per item if bought in bulk. Plus, if you have a specific budget in mind, there are many options to choose from compared to using other, more restrictive offline marketing methods – such as magazine ads.

It can attract new customers to your online business

The purpose of marketing is to ultimately bring in more customers for your business, and using promotional items is no exception to this rule.


Yet if you’re an online business, using promotional products is helpful in opening up new avenues that you may not have explored – especially if you haven’t focused marketing offline. Simply placing a website link or details about your Twitter/Facebook account on these items is a great way for potential customers to be able to find and locate your business.

It makes you stand out from the competition

A common trait of many online retailing companies is that they spend too much money on online promotional practices and disregard offline marketing methods like using branded merchandise. This, however, can prove to be a missed opportunity for them because using promotional products is a way to stand out from the rest and offer something unique.


While online promotion should be your main focus, offering promotional products to customers/potential customers will make your company seem different (in a good way!) than the rest in their eyes.


If you are ready to start your marketing venture with promotional products, then let take care of everything for you and contact us today!