Marketing to the Brain: Why Do People Love Free Promotional T-Shirts?

Promotional-T-ShirtsWho doesn’t love receiving a free t-shirt? In fact, who doesn’t love receiving anything for free!?

Yet when it comes to promotional t-shirts, people get unequivocally ecstatic when the offer of a free tee is available. Well they perhaps don’t quite get that excited, but it is something that will be well received by your customers if you decide to go down this road. It will also be beneficial to your business, as we delve into below:


The advantages to supplying free t-shirts


Brand recognition. It’s simple maths, really – the more people that wear your brand, the more that it is going to be recognized by others. And with brand recognition comes other branching advantages like building trust, improved visibility, and ultimately more customers.

It is also a relatively inexpensive – and not to mention, unique – marketing option when compared to other choices out there. Even just giving your staff these shirts to walk around in can help improve visibility for your business, especially if you’re not an established company.

Another advantage is that customers will feel appreciated by receiving a free item, which will help in ensuring they’re a returning consumer for your business.


Planning your own t-shirt campaign


So now that you know the advantages to distributing free t-shirts to your loyal customers, you may be wondering: how do I go about starting a campaign like this for my business?

Well first of all you need to find a supplier that can provide you with quality at a competitive price, which is what we at do very well!

When coming up with a design, make sure to keep it simple. You don’t want to make a t-shirt that is essentially a walking billboard. What you do want is something that everyone would be comfortable in wearing. Plus, the less complicated the design the cheaper it will generally work out for you when getting the shirts printed.

Once everything is printed up and shipped to you address, it’s time for you to send out the t-shirts to your customers. While they aren’t obliged to wear what you send, they will feel so happy that they actually received a t-shirt that they will ‘pay you back’ by doing so. Karma and all that.

Oh, and don’t forget to wear the t-shirt yourself! The more visibility, the better it is for your business – plus it’s a great way to strike up a conversation with someone whose interest has been piqued by what you are wearing.




While the success from this form of marketing cannot be gauged accurately, it is a tried-and-tested method used for many years by many businesses. In the end, with any form of indirect marketing such as this you need to keep in mind: the more you cater to your customers and provide quality, the more successful your campaign will ultimately be!

If you are looking to get some t-shirts printed with your businesses logo and/or details, then contact today and get started. We have a great selection of t-shirts to cater for all budgets, while our printing quality will ensure your business stands out from the competition!