Promotional Products 101 – Why Incremental Marketing Works for Small Businesses

Promotional ProductsMost small businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets. They can’t afford to go “all out” with advertising , and promotional products to bring in new prospects. That is where incremental marketing comes in. It is designed to fit in any budget and grow as the business and its marketing budget grows.

Work with What You Have


The idea behind incremental marketing is that you can work with the budget you currently have. One way of utilizing this strategy is through the use of promotional products. Even most small businesses can afford to advertise with items such as pens, notepads, and magnets. They can get creative and find more unlikely items to advertise their brand.


As the business grows, it can take marketing to a new level. A free gift with a purchase deal always attracts customers that like to think they are getting more for their money. It also means the business isn’t out any money unless it is also expecting to receive a sale.


Bring in New Customers Slowly


Another benefit of incremental marketing, especially for the new business, is that it increases their exposure to potential customers without forcing them to make a purchase decision right away. Many times, customers have to hear about a company several times before they are willing to trust them with their business. Giving out promotional products puts the company name in front of the customers in a non-threatening way. It also serves as a reminder when the customers have need of the product or services.


A company can create a strategy that involves sending out promotional items at pre-planned intervals to continue marketing over a period of time. A brand new business may want to start out with small items and then increase the value after the third or fourth promotion. They can also send a reminder to a current customer with a promotional item that is a little more expensive once the person has made a purchase.


How to Use Incremental Marketing


To gain the full benefits of this tactic, a business must know how to use it. Instead of just handing out promo items and then moving on to the next phase, they should take the time to help the potential customers get to know them. One method is by choosing the products they use for promo items to say something about the company.


Instead of just focusing on those cute little magnets or other fun gear and gadgets, choose one of your own items to promote. This allows the customer to “try it out” without having to put money into the decision.


If you can’t use your own products, at least choose one that has a significant meaning for your company. For instance, handing out a wristwatch with your logo because your company is always on time is a fun