Glossary of Terms

Color Printed

Color printed is either screen printed, pad printed or heat transfer. They are all very similar of print methods that look the same at the end of the process.

  • SILK SCREEN: This process makes use of spot colors and a screen to transfer your logo directly onto the product.

  • PAD PRINT: An inked image is transferred from a photo-etched or laser etched plate to a soft silicone pad. The pad is then pressed against the product and the image is transferred.

  • TRANSFER: Process of putting images onto treated paper and then applying heat to transfer the image to the piece.


Label Printed

Label Printed is a method where a label is printed using a label machine and then applied directly to the product.


Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving gives your logo a clean polished appearance by precisely etching the artwork into the material’s surface.



Embroidery is a traditional method of decoration using needle and thread on various types of fabric.



Deboss is a decoration method where an image is heat-pressed into the surface of the material using a die creating depressions or indentations.


Four color process

Four-Color Process: The reproduction of full-color artwork through the combination of four process ink colors – magenta (red), cyan (blue), yellow and black – in specified intensities. Colors are separated into individual color plates so that when printed in register, they produce a full-color illustration.