Terms of Use

LogoZoom reserves all rights not expressly granted to the purchaser

The purchaser of digitally prepared files through the Internet site agrees that LogoZoom’s standard payment terms are due at the time of the requested services.
No other credit terms or condition of purchase orders supersede or, amend from, the terms of this Buyer-Seller agreement unless mutually agreed on in writing by both parties.
The purchaser agrees to pay a service charge of $50.00 for each payment transaction that is returned or charged backed to LogoZoom.
Any invoice not paid on demand, the purchaser agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, court costs or any other collection expense and further agrees that California law will govern any dispute, without resort to the conflict of law principles of such state.
All claims or adjustments from invoiced amounts must be approved by a LogoZoom representative and detailed in writing. LogoZoom will not allow any claims for deductions more than fourteen (14) days after the date of the delivery and/or receipt of the order.

All ownership, title and intellectual property rights in and to the content which may be contained through the use of the delivered Digital Art Files may be the property of the respective content owner, and may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws and international treaties.
Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold LogoZoom, its owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, attorney fees and costs incurred based upon any claims by third parties that purchaser’s use of the Digital Art File(s) violated any copyrights, intellectual property rights or other rights.

If you acquired Digital Art Files in the United States, any disputes or claims are governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to its choice of law provisions. If Digital Art Files were acquired outside the United States or Canada, then local laws may apply. Any dispute that arises within the United States shall be resolved in Los Angeles County, California.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, LogoZoom and its suppliers provide the Digital Art Files and, if any, support services related thereto (“Support Services”) AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS, and hereby expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions, either express, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, the implied usability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, lack of viruses, accuracy or completeness of responses, results, lack of negligence and lack of workmanlike effort, all with regard to the Digital Art File(s) Product(s) and the provision of or failure to provide Support Services. There is no express or implied warranty or condition of title, quiet enjoyment, quiet possession, correspondence to description or non-infringement, with regard to the digital art file (s) product (s). The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the digital art file product (s), or of the support services if any, remains with the purchaser.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall LogoZoom or its suppliers be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever.

Notwithstanding any damages that the purchaser might incur for any reason whatsoever, the foregoing limitations, exclusions and disclaimers shall apply only to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, even if any remedy fails its essential purpose. For any inquiries, please contact us at contact@logozoom.com

We may elect at any given time to revise or amend the terms and conditions contained within this legal statement. You are bound by any revisions or amendments and should periodically visit this page to review the current terms and conditions that apply to your use of the LogoZoom website. The current effective date of this posting is July 1, 2013.